It can be difficult enough to remember to take one prescribed pill every single day. But when you are prescribed multiple prescriptions, things can get even trickier. Add in any non-prescription medication on top of all that, and medication errors can easily happen!

That’s why the Brant Arts I.D.A. Pharmacy offers a compliance blister packaging service.

Details on Compliance Blister Packaging

At Brant Arts IDA, your pharmacy team can use a pill organizing container called a Blister Pack to keep all your medications organized.

Imagine how much easier it will become to manage all your prescriptions, vitamins and supplements in weekly or monthly multi-dose formats! Besides prescribed medications, any over-the-counter medications can be added to the blister pack so that everything remains nicely organized.

The blister packs can accommodate four daily dosage times. Its perforated packaging makes separating doses a breeze!

The Perfect Solution for So Many People!

The convenience and ease of having medication displayed in a blister pack is the perfect solution for so many!

Do you have an elderly parent and are concerned that they’re mixing up their medications? Blister packs provide the ability to double-check that no medication has been missed.

Going on a holiday and want the convenience of easy-to-open, perforated packaging? Or, do you simply want to make the daily routine task of taking your medication easier and more worry-free? If so, then blister packaging is the answer!

A Variety of Pill Organizers Available

A variety of different containers ensures your medications remain organized and convenient to ingest.

Depending on your medication requirements and the organized look you desire, a variety of packaging containers is available. Ask your pharmacy team for more details about the choices available to match your individual needs!

Benefits of Compliance Blister Packaging

Besides helping you remember to take your proper medication, blister packages offer numerous benefits. These include:

  • Avoiding complications and side effects by ensuring a pill is never missed
  • Improving your health and well-being by taking the right medication at the right time
  • Making travel plans simple for you and your family, since you easily know the proper amount necessary for your trip duration
  • Avoiding unnecessary stress, panic, and worry by eliminating the chances of missing prescription doses
  • Freeing up premium kitchen cupboard space, since large boxes and bottles of medication are no longer need to be kept in stock

We Care About Your Health!

Your health is of paramount concern to the pharmacy team here at Brant Arts I.D.A.  We want you to take your proper medication at the proper time so that you never miss a dose. And blister packaging sets you up for success in that matter!

Your Health is Important to Us!

With our compliance blister packaging, Brant Arts I.D.A. promises to make the task of taking your medication streamlined and worry-free! Plus, we make getting your blister pack super convenient by offering a complimentary delivery service!

Contact us today to learn more about our compliance blister packaging services.