Custom Medication For Your Pets

Are you struggling to get your pet to take medication? Our veterinary compounding products make administering medication to your pet much easier.

Your pets are special. Why not give them customized care, too.

Compounding allows for your pet’s medication to be prepared in various concentrations and flavours (for example beef, chicken, liver, and fish). In some cases (most often in cats), we can also compound medications to be applied topically inside the pinna of the ear to avoid giving medication by mouth. Working with you and your veterinarian, we will suggest compounds to meet your individual pet’s needs.

treating Your Pets Specific Condition

woman with a cat

While we can prepare a compound for an endless list of needs – at just the right dosage for your pet – here is a list of conditions we regularly prepare compounds for:

If you have any questions about specialty compounding, we invite you to please contact us at, 905-637-3833 or visit us in-store.