When planning to go away on vacation, there are many arrangements to make in advance. Organizing pet or childcare, cancelling certain services and arranging for someone to check on your home can keep you busy enough. But what about medical preparations? Prior to leaving on your next vacation, ensure the following medical considerations are taken.

Pre-Travel Medical Consultation

At least two months before you travel, contact your local travel clinic. Depending on where you are travelling, certain vaccinations may be required. Your physician at your pre-travel medical consultation will ensure you are up-to-date on any mandatory vaccinations. Any additional vaccinations or routine immunizations will also be recommended.

Consult with Your Specialists

Before going away for a long trip, schedule appointments with your family doctor, dentist, and ophthalmologist to ensure you’re in good health. If you have a special medical condition or chronic disease, you should ask your doctor for a summary of your medical records. This is helpful if you need to be medically treated while you are away from your regular physicians. For long trips, take a copy of all your prescriptions in case you run out while you’re away. Having a prescription for your eyeglasses makes it easy to replace lost glasses abroad.

Keep Your Medications Properly Stored

Be sure to have some of your medication stored in your personal carry-on, rather than putting it all in your luggage. In case your luggage is lost or stolen, you will still have a supply of your necessary medications. If you have a Medic-Alert bracelet, be sure to wear it at all times. Bring Your Vaccination Records with You Before getting granted admittance to certain countries, you may be asked to present your certificate of vaccination to authorities. The best place to keep this important document is with your passport; this allows for easy accessibility when requested.

Don’t Forget Your Travel Health Insurance!

Regardless of the length of your trip, it’s important that you have travel insurance. Travel health insurance covers the costs associated with an illness or accident that happens while you’re away from home. Some plans cover the costs upfront, while others require you to pay out of pocket and then get reimbursed when you get back home. If you already have a medical insurance plan, check to see what it covers while travelling.

Some health insurance plans only cover a certain number of days outside of Canada, so it’s worth ensuring your entire trip will be covered. If it’s not, additional insurance arrangements will need to be made (or your trip duration could be shortened). For those who do not have a medical insurance plan, it’s worth shopping around various companies to ensure you get the best rate.

Consult Your Pharmacist at Brant Arts IDA

Ask your pharmacist at Brant Arts IDA to label all your medications. Be sure to keep them stored in their proper containers and have a list of all your medications (including their generic names and dosages) ready to be presented if asked at the border. The team at Brant Arts IDA is happy to help you with your medical arrangements prior to travel! Contact us today for more details.