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Aids to Daily Living After Hip or Knee Surgery

Hip and knee surgery can be life changing for many people, allowing them to go from living with pain and limited mobility to dramatically improving their quality of life – perhaps even getting them back out on the dance floor. But like any surgery, the recovery period can take time, and people may need a little extra help with the tasks of daily living as they heal.

At Brant Arts, we carry a wide range of aids for daily living that can help make the day-to-day a little easier if you are recovering from hip or knee surgery.

Here are a few items to consider:

    • Transfer bench – following surgery, you may be experiencing pain or weakness, or feel a little unsteady on your feet. It’s important to do everything you can to prevent a possible fall. A transfer bench is a device that allows you to get in and out of the shower while remaining seated. It crosses over the bathtub wall, so there is no need to climb in and out over that wall.

    • Raised toilet seat – a toilet seat too low to the floor may pose problems, particularly if you are recovering from surgery. To maintain your independence and avoid having another person help you on and off the toilet, consider investing in a raised toilet seat.

    • Grab bars – grab bars add an element of safety and can be installed in the shower, next to the toilet seat, or next to your bed. They provide a sturdy base you can support yourself on as you transfer from one spot to another.
    • No slip socks – maybe you just need a little extra traction moving around your home as you recover. Pillow paws non-slip socks can provide that extra bit of security you need.
    • Elastic shoelaces – bending over to tie and untie your shoes may be more challenging following hip or knee surgery. Elastic shoelaces can allow you to easily slip your shoes on and off without having to tie and untie them constantly.
    • Mobility devices – If moving around after surgery is too difficult to do on your own, your doctor may recommend a mobility device such as a cane, walker, crutches, etc. If you require any of these items, the team at Brant Arts can show you how to use them properly and safely.You may even rent items such as a walker, crutches, transport chairs and more. View all available rental items here.

  • Lift chairs – if getting in and out of your favourite chair has become a challenge, you may consider getting a lift chair. A lift chair is designed to blend in with your other furniture, but it has the added advantage of raising and tilting when you need to get in and out – making it easier and safer for those with limited mobility.

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If you live in the Burlington area and have had (or are planning to have) hip or knee surgery, we can help supply you with daily living aids to assist you in having a safe recovery. Contact us today to learn about these and other items.