20 years ago, complimentary medicine was still referred to as alternative medicine. Vitamins, for the most part, were still only given to growing children. It would have been hard to believe then that vitamins could be the treatment of menopause symptoms.

If you’ve ever seen a woman on the street, spontaneously burst into flames, you know hot flashes are real. We are exagerating of course, however it’s one of the many side effects women experience when the fertile segment of life comes to an end. While putting the brakes on fertility can cause the body to have trouble regulating temperature, there are several remedies for hot flashes. Many vitamins available to us can turn the heat down and make menopause less uncomfortable. 

If you suffer from hot flashes, you know exactly what they are. Why you get hot flashes is the question that is not so easy to answer. Though the exact cause of hot flashes is unknown, they are believed to be caused by changes in circulation, brought on by menopause. When the blood vessels near the skin’s surface dilate, a hot flash can be brought on. Sweating may occur, in an attempt to cool the body down. This can, in turn, bring on chills or a rapid heart rate.

Controlling body temperature is the key. There are several vitamins out there that have been shown to reduce or eliminate these unpleasant hot flashes.  Please note, before taking any vitamins, we do recommend you discuss them with your doctor first as they may interfere with medications you may currently take, or conditions you have.


Historically, manganese/cobalt was a vitamin used to aid all kinds of ailments. Those included the circulatory system, nervous system, and digestive system. It has been shown to reduce the frequency and degree of hot flashes due to menopause as well.

Black Cohosh

For some sufferers of hot flashes, black cohosh is a saviour. How does it work? Black cohosh is a tall perennial plant that was first used by Native Americans as a remedy for a plethora of women’s health conditions. Freezing cold spouses, listen up. Black Cohosh has a ton of evidence behind it. Marketed under the name, Remifemin. This specific extract of black cohosh can drastically reduce the instance of hot flashes in menopausal women.

Red Clover

Red clover will also help to prevent naked sleeping with its heat fighting herbal properties. Red Clover is nature’s estrogen. Aside from its uses for hot flashes, breast health, and PMS, red clover is chocked full of nutrients. Red clover, as a vitamin is an excellent source of magnesium, vitamin C, niacin, phosphorus, and calcium. Generally, red clover is a great weapon to have in your arsenal if you are a woman experiencing menopause.

Hot flashes occur in more than two-thirds of North American women during perimenopause and menopause and in almost all women with induced menopause due to surgery. With its prevalence in women over the age of 50, it’s no wonder vitamin companies are invested in aiding with the suffering of menopausal women with hot flashes. Vitamins are a great way to manage hot flashes. Finding the right vitamin will have you in the cool, in no time.

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