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Menopause Symptoms

...Do I REALLY Have To Live With Them?
If you are currently not managing your menopausal symptoms, we invite you to join us for this FREE Virtual Session where you will learn how you can live a healthier postmenopausal life!  

In this session you will learn a lot, laugh a little, relax a bit and most of all take some time for yourself!

Choose a Session That Works For You!

Sunday, March 7 @ 1-3:30 pm 

Thurs, April 29 @ 7-9:30 pm 

Wed. May 19 @ 7-9:30 pm 

Tues. June 8 @ 7-9:30 pm 

We hope you enjoyed the experience and received beneficial information!

About Our Virtual Session

This session provides a casual and relaxed online environment for postmenopausal women to learn:

  • The importance of maintaining and improving health after menopause.
  • What is normal and what is not with regards to menopause symptoms.
  • Treatment options for menopause symptoms including hormonal and non-hormonal. 
  • The benefits and risks of each treatment option.
  • The risks of choosing not to seek treatment.
  • How lifestyle, diet, exercise, stress and hormonal changes affect quality of life and much more!
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What to Expect

This is a quality improvement study to evaluate and improve on the way we educate women on menopause. The quality improvement study is comprised of 3 parts:

1. Pre-Session Survey

First, a 10 min survey is emailed to you to complete prior to the session. (Assessing how your menopause symptoms are bothering you)

2. Virtual Session + Evaluation

Informative & fun 2.5 hour virtual session + evaluation immediately following. (Reviewing your takeaways from the session) 

3. Follow-Up Questionnaire

Final follow-up questionnaire 3 months after your session. (Answering if your symptoms have improved)  

By Participating, You Can Help us Improve the Future of Women's Health!
(You do not have to be a Brant Arts customer to participate!)

Led by our Energetic Certified Menopause Practitioners

Known for their Ability to Motivate Audiences

Kerry Roberts

RPh, BSc., BSc. (Hons) Pharm, NCMP

Carolyn Whiskin


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