The start of a new year brings with it the possibilities of a fresh start and new beginnings. Because of this, many people use this time to set some resolutions for the year ahead.

One of the most common new year’s resolutions focusses on weight loss and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. However, choosing how to start that resolution can be a challenge on its own! Answering questions like “how do I start eating healthier?”, or “what can I do to become more active?” can sometimes halt progress before it even begins.

The good news? Ideal Protein Protocol provides an easy solution to get you on the road to a healthier, happier you!

The Ideal Protein Weight Loss Protocol

Around for over 20 years, the protocol was originally developed by Dr. Tran Tien Chang who was an expert on nutrition and obesity-related issues.

Ideal Protein is a low calorie, low carbohydrate, protein-based protocol that is supplemented with partial meal replacements. As a medically developed four-phase weight loss and weight management protocol, the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Protocol makes the process of creating and maintaining a healthier lifestyle as easy as possible.

Special attention is given to how participants can maintain their weight after losing the excess pounds – which is normally where the biggest challenge occurs on a weight loss journey.

Ideal Protein Protocol’s Four Phases

Phase One is comprised of achieving your weight loss goal, followed by learning about food’s fundamentals and its impacts in Phase 2. Phase 3 focusses on developing smarter eating habits and better lifestyle living. In the final phase, the focus is given on how to maintain your ideal weight.

For long-term success to occur after a weight loss, continued support and guidance are crucial. That’s why the twelve month stabilization period during the Ideal Protein Protocol is critical to weight loss success!

Support is given along the entire journey by a certified Ideal Protein coach. Any question or concern is quickly addressed, and tips, advice, and support are plentiful along the journey to a healthier you!

What’s Included in the Protocol?

Choosing to become healthier is easier when you have a personal coach throughout the entire weight loss journey!

Having personalized Ideal Protein coaching means creating a customized weight loss plan that meets your individual profile. You’ll be provided with numerous tools, guidance, and support to ensure you’ll be successful with maintaining your ideal weight.

In addition, you’ll become more educated on nutrition and weight loss fundamentals.

Is there a Cost Associated with the Ideal Protein Protocol?

Throughout the process, you will learn how to eat healthier and how to make smarter lifestyle decisions. Because this results in spending less money on unhealthy food options, the food costs associated with the Ideal Protein Protocol are normally neutral.

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