What a fantastic group we had for our first Let’s Talk Event!

15 women joined Carolyn and Kerry for a provocative discussion about the options women have to help them through the menopausal transition. This was the perfect size group to allow everyone to feel they could ask questions and participate in the discussion.

Some of the hot topics were:

  1.  Women are beautifully individual so their action plans to thrive through menopause will be unique.
  2. The only way to know you are absorbing enough vitamin D is to get your blood level tested.
  3. Using progesterone for perimenopausal symptoms is not a new concept. Brant Arts has been compounded progesterone since the 1980’s to help woman with a variety of symptoms such as sleep, mood, brain fog and cycle regulation.
  4. The pendulum is swinging back in favour of using hormones and it is OK to use them for longer into post-menopausal years. Again, each woman is unique, and her needs, benefits and risks will all be taken into consideration when deciding if she should continue or if it is time to wean off. 
  5. The importance of follow-up visits with a Menopause Practitioner were highlighted. As a woman ages, her needs change and it is important to reassess to find the optimum formula to meet her specific needs.

This small group setting was such a success that we are considering holding another event in the New Year. If you missed this recent opportunity, let us know if you would like to be informed of the next date. If you have a specific topic that you would like covered, reach out to us now as we plan for the future.