Maybe you’ve noticed that your elderly Dad is having more trouble managing in the bathroom or your aging Mom just can’t seem to walk up and down stairs like her younger years. Perhaps their hearing just isn’t what it used to be and the kettle is left on whistling away on a burning stove. Maybe you’ve tried on more occasions to talk to your aging parents about getting assisted help in the house and you’ve been met with resistance, hearing them say, “Everything is fine, there is no need to worry.”

It’s difficult for the elderly to admit that they need help because it is a sign of losing their independence and they are unable to take care of themselves anymore; however, needing help doesn’t necessarily mean assisted care from the outside. For many seniors, there are a number of products on the market that help them maintain their safety, independence and give them just the edge of freedom and mobility that makes them feel in control of their lives.

In this article, we will examine some of the products that can help seniors remain safe and independent in their homes.

Bath/Shower Rails

For elder seniors who are having difficulty getting in and out of the tub or shower, rail handles that reach from the outside of any standard tub or shower allows an individual to hold on to a strong and sturdy handrail every step they make entering or exiting. Outside handrails provide stability, balance and support when standing and prevent injuries due to falls inside slippery tubs. Most handrails are both strong and secured so that they will not move or rotate, giving the person added support and confidence in maintaining the daily task of bathing or showering.

Some double rail handle models allow you to take advantage of the use of the upper rail while standing and use of the lower rail while sitting in a shower chair. This type of rail handle allows a pole to be installed at an off-set location that does not interfere with the person getting in and out of the tub or shower and adjustable to any person’s height. Rail handles are ideal for assisted mobility and people recovering from certain surgeries, amputees, veterans and stroke victims.

Walk-In Bathtub

A walk-in bathtub offers seniors numerous advantages over conventional bathtubs because it’s the perfect solution for an elder who is having limited mobility issues. For seniors or disabled persons, a walk-in bathtub enables easier accessibility and safety since it eliminates the need to step over the high, thick edge of a traditional bathtub. It helps to prevent the risk of a possible fall due to a wet, slippery tub. This product provides seniors or a disabled person the sense of independence, comfort and safety in their home while making daily personal hygiene convenient and easy.

Although walk-in bathtubs are taller than traditional bathtubs, their design provides a water tight sealed door that is mounted on the side. This allows for walk-in entry into the tub. This type of tub also comes with a built in seating area to allow the occupant to sit down at a comfortable and safe position instead of low to the ground, like a traditional bathtub. This makes standing and exiting much safer and easier for the occupant. In addition to the seating arrangement, most walk-in bathtubs come with hydrotherapy water jets that provide the benefits of a warm bath.

High-Rise Toilet Seats

For seniors or people recovering from operations, such as knee or hip surgery, a high-rise toilet seat is a true manufacturing wonder. It is a life saver for so many people having trouble lowering themselves to sit on a conventional toilet. The Toilet Riser is a sturdy addition to any traditional toilet and does not require constant mounting and removal.

This particular product just needs to be installed once to enjoy its convenience and safety features. It’s positioned in the toilet base with no extra topside stress that bears on the toilet. Its simple design goes in to the toilet and there are no extra bells, whistles, nothing extra to clean and no adjustments that caregivers need to make each day. This simple idea is a great solution for people who are handicapped in some manner from reaching a low, traditional toilet.

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