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How Can You and Your Family Prepare for the Flu Season?

Every year around this time, a new battle begins in many Canadian households: the battle against catching the flu.

With approximately seven million Canadians getting the flu each year, is your household up for the challenge? If it’s not, no worries! Brant Arts IDA has you covered!

By following our helpful tips below, your household will have the best chance of avoiding becoming a part of that statistic this fall.

Get a Flu Shot in Burlington Ontario

Many experts agree: the most effective way of preventing the flu is by getting the flu shot each year.

When parents get sick, it’s that much more difficult to care for children, so it’s important that both adults and children get the shot!

Keep Clean

Preventing the spread of germs can be accomplished by washing your hands frequently using lots of soap and warm water. When coughing or sneezing, properly cover your mouth and wash your hands right after.

Around the home, regularly disinfect cleaning surfaces that are frequently touched such as doorknobs, countertops and light switches. Don’t forget cleaning cell phones and computer keyboards, especially when sharing these surfaces with others!

Exercise and Go Outdoors

Take advantage of the fresh air and exercising possibilities in the great outdoors. Keeping the temperature in mind, take your family for a walk around the neighbourhood. Staying cooped up in your home makes it difficult to remain healthy!

Get a Proper Sleep

Not only does sleeping restoring the body’s energy, but it gives our bodies energy. Ensuring your family is getting a proper amount of rest will make it easier to fight off the flu if it enters your household.

Stay Away from Others If They’re Sick

Staying away from others who have the flu is helpful advice, but can be difficult if it’s a family member you live with!

However, in the case of an infected friend, stay away from them until they give you the all-clear! If you work in an office where someone may be sick, avoid rubbing your eyes, or touching your mouth or nose, and wash your hands frequently.

Be Prepared

If you get the flu, the last thing you’re going to want to do is run out to the store for provisions. Remain stocked up with soup, crackers, vitamins, and drinks to avoid having to leave your home if you get sick.

Know What to Do if Your Family Gets the Flu

Besides knowing how to best prevent the flu, knowing what to do if you get the flu is also important. For one, stay home to take it easy until you are feeling better. Sleeping and drinking plenty of fluids is also important.

If symptoms become worse or if you’re considered high risk, see a doctor right away.

Brant Arts IDA Can Provide Further Information

Sometimes, no matter how many precautions you take, getting the flu is unavoidable. If that happens to your family, the professionals at Brant Arts IDA can provide you with the best remedies to help your household overcome the flu as quickly as possible.

See our pharmacy staff today for more information on how your family can conquer the flu season!