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Our Menopause Practitioners Are Improving the Future of Women’s Health!

Every woman experiences menopause differently but the onset of menopause can mean a variety of symptoms (hot flashes, insomnia, mood swings etc.) and a marked increase in certain health risks. While there are women that immediately seek treatment, menopause symptoms are just as often left untreated due to misconceptions about the treatment options available. As a result, 70% suffer in silence or miss the window for seeking treatment options that can actually make life more comfortable.

There are healthcare providers available known as Certified Menopause Practitioners, that are dedicated to promoting the health and quality of life of women through an understanding of menopause. These specialists see patients to help them assess and determine treatment protocols, and they may be more accessible in your community than you think!

In fact, our very own Brant Arts IDA Pharmacy is home to two of Burlington’s leading experts in women’s health and Certified Menopause Practitioners: Kerry Roberts and Carolyn Whiskin. Together, Roberts & Whiskin have been referred by many doctors and met with hundreds of patients to help them through their transitional years. Their expertise includes a vast knowledge of women’s health concerns such as: sleep disturbances, hot flashes, low libido, mood swings, irregular menstruation and more.

“We feel privileged to have had the opportunity to work with many women to help them feel in control about the treatment options available for their menopause symptoms” Whiskin states. “The earlier a woman seeks treatment, the better and we believe through providing as much education as possible, we can empower more women in their quest for a healthier, happier postmenopausal life!” Roberts adds.

Roberts & Whiskin have been acknowledged for their great service & expertise treating menopausal women, that they were granted a unique opportunity to organize a virtual quality improvement study that can influence the future of women’s health! “With the virtual platform, we have a new way to reach women and provide education so that they don’t have to suffer in silence at home.” Whiskin excitedly adds.

These two energetic experts are offering a free online education session entitled: “Menopause Symptoms… Do I REALLY Have To Live With Them?” This session provides a casual and relaxed online environment for postmenopausal women to learn what should be expected with regards to menopause symptoms. “We’ll discuss the benefits and risks of many treatment options so women can feel in control about choosing the best treatment for them!” Roberts explains. Check out their recent appearance on Your TV Halton here.

They will then evaluate the impact of the education they provide and this research will be used to help improve the future of women’s health. Roberts & Whiskin are looking for females that have experienced menopause symptoms but have yet to seek treatment to participate in their free upcoming education sessions. While their first few sessions filled up quickly, the next available date is June 8. Space is limited.

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