Serving Generations of Clients

We are very proud to have served the Burlington area and surrounding community since 1963. We are a part of a group of Full Service Pharmacies, offering Home Health Care Products & Surgical Supplies, Diabetic Resources, and specialize in Prescription Compounding and Women’s Health.

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Complete Home Health Care Products and Services

At Brant Arts Home Health Care, we take pride in being one of the largest providers of medical supplies in the Burlington Area. We have a highly experienced team of Certified Technicians that will be happy to serve you.

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A Long-Standing Leader in Women's Health

Thanks to the expertise of our pharmacists and NAMS Certified Menopause Practitioners Carolyn Whiskin and Kerry Roberts, our ever-growing Women's Health Program has been able to help hundreds of women with their health concerns related to menopause, stress, sleep, and more!

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From the Brant Arts Blog

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Causes of Food Poisoning and Treatment

There are several causes of food poisoning, as well as various remedies and food poisoning treatments to help provide relief with food poisoning symptoms. ...Read More

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