We’ve all heard of probiotics and prebiotics. What they are and how they function within our bodies are questions that can’t always be answered, despite the growing use of these little digestive helpers. If you’ve got cooties of this kind, you’re in luck. While not contagious, these little germs will only do the body good and here’s why.

If you’re unsure what probiotics are, then a definition of prebiotics isn’t likely in your knowledge bank. Our bodies need many different bacteria to keep it running well. While these bacteria aid in digestion, they also benefit the immune system and the nervous system. Both probiotics and prebiotics supplements contribute to the bacteria count already in the human body.


Probiotics are good bacteria that lives in the gut. They are essential to good health. These bacteria are found naturally in the body. Probiotics also come in a simple supplement form for easy access and more people are including probiotics supplements into their daily routine. Probiotics can be found in yogurt and fermented foods like Kefir or unpasteurized sauerkraut. With regular use of probiotics, many digestive issues can be resolved and overall improvement in health can be gained. Probiotics are also commonly used in conjunction with antibiotics. While antibiotics kill off bad bacteria, often all that good bacteria that keeps our gut healthy are often killed off too. Probiotics replace that good bacteria, maintaining stability in the digestive system. They are, however, fragile and can be destroyed by heat and acid. It’s for this reason that higher counts are recommended as a dose. This fragility also gives purpose to prebiotics.


While probiotics are effective in maintaining good digestive health, it is prebiotics that are the real hero. They are more powerful that probiotics. Prebiotics behave much in the same way as probiotics in that they aid in maintaining healthy levels of bacteria in the body. Probiotics come in the form of soluble plant fibers. Think carbohydrates that cannot be digested by the human body. Prebiotics feed the good bacteria, keeping them safe and sound in the gut. Just as a grass fertilizer encourages healthy grass, prebiotics helps all that good bacteria grow and stay healthy. Prebiotics are often used in conjunction with probiotics. There are many different kinds of prebiotics and when considering adding prebiotics to your diet, it is best to consult a doctor or pharmacist.

While it’s clear that both probiotics and prebiotics are good for the body, it is also clear that the right balance of bacteria in the gut make all systems run smoother. Aside from the digestive benefits of supplementing with probiotic and prebiotics, these cooties keep the nervous system ticking away as well as promoting good mental health. So much of digestive health is linked to other parts of the body. Prebiotics and probiotics go a long way in improving and maintaining overall good health.

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