Whether you have moved, or businesses around you are changing in your neighbourhood, it is important that you understand all of your options for receiving prescription medication.

Sometimes after a negative experience at your regular pharmacy or finding a pharmacy that offers more economically friendly choices, one can be inspired to change pharmacies. However, many people are discouraged by the amount of administrative work that they believe will go along with trying to transfer prescriptions to a new pharmacy. Transferring your prescriptions to the Brant Arts I.D.A. Pharmacy is a simple, pain-free experience.  Located in the heart of downtown Burlington, Brant Arts Pharmacy is a great pharmacy to depend on, without requiring you to go into busy grocery stores or crowded strip malls.

What do you need for a Prescription Transfer?

You will be required to supply the pharmacist with the following information, if and when you decide to transfer your prescriptions:

  1. Full name, address and telephone number
  2. Name and telephone number of the pharmacy that you are currently receiving your prescription drugs from
  3. The full names OR prescription numbers of the prescription drugs that you wish to transfer

It is optional that you provide any insurance information if you wish to take advantage of any benefits you may have access to. In this case, you will also need:

  1. Full name of card holder
  2. Cardholder ID
  3. Insurance agency name
  4. BIN number or PCN number

It is worth transferring to Brant Arts Pharmacy! Along with an easy transfer process, we offer the most efficient service in prescription refills, repeats and prescription vacation supply. With the busy day-to-day lives that all of our clients contend with, at Brant Arts I.D.A. Pharmacy we are committed to serving you to the very best of our ability. We are happy to contact your doctor’s office directly, to save you the time and hassle of visiting your doctor whenever we can to help make sure all of your medication needs are met efficiently and stress-free.