Specialty Compounding in Burlington Ontario

*Effective May 1, 2018 we no longer make sterile compounds*

What is Compounding?

Compounding is the traditional method of preparing customized medications to help meet unique patient needs.

Professional Compounding Centers of America (PCCA)

The Professional Compounding Centers of America was formed in 1981 and is the most widely used resource and association for compounding pharmacists, providing insight on chemicals, devices, equipment, flavours, training, and education. As members of PCCA, Brant Arts has access to over 2000 formulas for treating hundreds of conditions. Working with you and your physician, we can develop a compounded preparation that meets your unique needs.

Compounding helps patients by:

  • Avoiding dyes, preservatives, fillers and active ingredients which you may be allergic to
  • Using a variety of flavouring options such as crème de menthe or tutti frutti
  • Finding dosage forms that are suitable for each patient (lollipops, suppositories, troches, etc.,)
  • Preparing topical medications which can avoid  side effects that may occur with swallowed forms
  • Creating a strength or dosage form which is not commercially available
  • Creating unique dosage forms designed for a specific problem for people and their pets
  • Preparing unusual strengths, discontinued or back-ordered commercially available products (ex. Phenazo, Antabuse – Disulfiram)

Some of the conditions we have prepared compounds for include:   

Alcohol Addiction
Anal Fissures
Aphthous Ulcers and Lichen Planus in the mouth
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Decubitus Ulcers 
Diabetic Neuropathy
Diabetic Foot Infection
Diaper Rash/Nipple Ointment
Erectile Dysfunction
Hormonal Balance (Bio-Identical Products)
Vaginal Dryness
(excessive sweating)

(from arthritis to tennis elbow)
Inflammation with Muscle Tension
Inflammation with Burning, Shooting pain
Mulluscum Contagiosum
Muscle Tension/Myofascial Pain
Nail Fungus 
Naltrexone (Low Dose)

Neuropathic Pain 
Plantar Fasciitis
Post-Herpetic Neuralgia
Smoking Cessation (Lollipops)
Thyroid (T3/T4) Specific Doses

For more information on Speciality Compounding, speak to our staff at (905) 637-3833 or

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