Prescription Services

Compliance Blister Packaging

Be sure you never miss a dose again! Click here for more information on our compliance blister packaging service.

Common Medication Problems

Remembering when and how to take your medications properly can be a challenging task. Check our FAQ to find answers to frequently asked medication questions.

Medication Disposal

Help ensure that prescription drugs and other pharmaceuticals do not pose a risk to you and to others.

  • Check your medicine cabinet and remove all expired and unused prescription drugs, over-the-counter medications and natural health products. If you do not know if a drug is still safe, check with your pharmacist.
  • Bring unused and expired prescription drugs, over-the-counter medications and natural health products to your Brant Arts pharmacist for proper disposal. Do not flush medicines down the toilet or sink.
  • Disposing of your medication in the trash can lead to a child or pet finding them.  The medication also has a chance of leaching into the environment when placed in a landfill.  Flushing medication down the toilet is just as bad, as it pollutes our waterways.

Medication Reviews

Brant Arts medication reviews, or MedsCheck, provides an opportunity for patients to meet one-on-one with their pharmacist, helping them to identify and solve common issues related to medications to get the most benefit. 

During a MedsCheck, pharmacists help patients understand drugs, strengths, adverse effects, and instructions for use, and ensure that patients are taking their medications as their doctor has directed. As part of this service, pharmacists provide patients with an accurate and complete medication list, which they may keep and take to their next physician or hospital visit, or use when travelling. 
All MedsCheck services are available to patients on 3 or more regular prescription medications at no charge.* 

*Call (905) 637-3833 or email for more information on eligibility or to book your appointment! 

Prescription Refills

Refilling your prescriptions, obtaining repeats from your physician, or preparing for an extended holiday is easy at Brant Arts. Click here for more information.

Specialty Compounding

We take great pride in being a leading compounding pharmacy in the Burlington community.  By working with you and your physician, we can develop a compounded preparation that meets your unique needs.  Click here for more information on compounding.

Transfer Prescriptions

Transferring your prescriptions to Brant Arts Dispensary has never been easier! 

Simply call the pharmacy, provide the information listed below, and our staff will take care of the rest!

  • Your name and telephone number
  • Name and phone number of the transferring pharmacy
  • The names or prescription numbers of the prescriptions you want transferred